acting animation

hey...i got some update here, and Finaly, after 2 weeks doing this shot, i finish this animation , right now, this early day, that's mean this morning. i did it afterwork, lets say 2 - 3 hours a day.

i started with the idea, i must do some acting shots, and what came to my head is, to use 11secondclub sound...
then i choose..but, it's to damn long .still. i thought , before i start with 11 second level, i must start with simple and short one. but with good quality.i hope.
then 1st day and 2nd day, i used to search a sound, from any film. that made me finally watching the movie until the end .HAHAHAHA
then 3rd day i make planning ..make a lot of video references. that give me more easiest way to choose what acting that i can use in my animation. it's complicated than i imagine , i did it before

after choosing which kind of acting, then i got my skecthbook and draw some poses. BUT, after i look again the video, and after i read some article about acting..i feel that my acting is a bit ecessive.it's overacting, even for animation

then i rerecording myself to re-acting again.before become i have to re-animate.lol.

here is the final breakdown, including my video references.thumbs up for me B)

for workflow, i did it like any other animator. Blocking, then add some breakdown, spline, over layer animation, facial, lipsing, and done.

animate the mouth is
the most stressful ...
and i decided to Finish my animation

here we go

Morpheus Rig by Josh Burton, thanks Josh for the rif and for the respons while i have trouble with Morphy

sounds taken from School of Rock

after this, maybe i'll make my First demo reel ever


ok some test here

we go =D
yeah rock!!

practice for good weight on readjustment of body position.

actually i made this for training in my studios for my team, and done in almost one day and one night

cool..and yeah..still lot of jerk , far from good, but i think it's good start

happy animating,

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